About Us

Community Pillars Mission:

  Welcome, to Community Pillars Inc. Non - Profit organization. Our mission is to stimulate awareness online and offline for community resources & events for non - profits, create positive reinforcement imagery and art of our local community and communities world wide, create audio plays and stories for you and your families to listen to on our site while encouraging community participation by taking on roles in our plays.  We are striving to work hard towards "Stopping The Violence Against Women" with our S.T.V.A.W. program. We encourage women to participate which we feel will help young girls, older women and families to unite to change for the future. Women come tell your stories anonymously in the "Her Voice Group" forum. You are welcome to join, communicate and help others fight against abuse and violence. Help to create dialog, interaction among each other to move progressively, share to heal and grow. We are tireless in our efforts in helping to make each one in their community strong upright pillars towards infinite potential. We are "The Ladder" and with growth, we will to accomplish more, and to have a large impact upon every community local and worldwide. We would love your support to expand our cause & programs.

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